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eduNEXT – Invitation only course maken

Invitation only course in eduNEXT

Eén van de mogelijke instellingen van een course is:
Invitation Only: False/True
Als deze parameter op True staat kan je enkel ‘enrollen’ in een course na invitatie door de course staff.

Course Visibility In Catalog: both/about/none
Defines the access permissions for showing the course in the course catalog. This can be set to one of three values: ‘both’ (show in catalog and allow access to about page), ‘about’ (only allow access to about page), ‘none’ (do not show in catalog and do not allow access to an about page).

Enrolled users beheren/bekijken
=> zie edx documentatie

– ga naar de course (NIET de studio omgeving dus)
– klik bovenaande horizontale balk op “Instructor”, dan kom je op het zogenaamde “Instructor Dashboard”.

Onder “Course Info” zie je het totale aantal enrollees.
Onder “Membership” kan je users enrollen door een lijst van e-mailadressen in te geven
Daar heb je verschillende opties:

=> Auto Enroll. When you choose this option, the people who you enroll do not need to complete an explicit course enrollment step. Of the list of email addresses that you supply, those that correspond to a registered user account are immediately enrolled in the course, and your course displays on the Current Courses dashboard for those users on log in. Email addresses on the list that do not match a registered user account are enrolled as soon as that account is registered and activated.
You can track the enrollment status of the learners who you auto enroll. For more information, see Report Learners Not Yet Enrolled.
If you do not select Auto Enroll, the people who you enroll must also actively locate your course and enroll themselves in it. These learners see the course on their dashboards after they have done so.

=>Notify learners by email. When you choose this option, an email message is automatically sent to each of the email addresses that you supply. The message includes the name of the course and, for learners who are not already enrolled, a reminder to use that same email address to enroll.

DUS: Zet “AUTO ENROLL” AAN en “Notify learners by email” ook aan