eduNEXT – Grading problems

Units cannot be graded, subsections can !

Stel: we willen één eenvoudige multiple choice vraag laten graden:
correct = 1 punt, fout = 0 punten

To grade a subsection:

Go to outline en select “Configure” for the relevant subsection
-> Grade as:

  • Not Graded
  • Howework
  • Lab
  • Midterm Exam
  • Final Exam

Selecteer “Homework”.
Om de instellingen voor “Homework” te bekijken ga je naar “Settings”->”Grading”

Volgende velden zijn relevant:

Weight of Total Grade: 15
The weight of all assignments of this type as a percentage of the total grade, for example, 40. Do not include the percent symbol

Total Number: 1
The number of subsections in the course that contain problems of this assignment type.

Number of Droppable: 0
The number of assignments of this type that will be dropped. The lowest scoring assignments are dropped first.

De student kan zijn resultaten zien via “Progress